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The Plant Based

A Scientifically-Proven Program to Avoid Diseases, Live Longer, and Start a Healthy Lifestyle (+ An Easy Meal Plan)!

With the help of this guide, you will enjoy the advantages of a plant-based lifestyle without allowing the politics of a meat-free lifestyle to get in the way. Interesting topics to look out for in this book include:

✓ Why Choose a Plant-Based Diet?
✓ Plant-Based Diet: Tips to Help You Get Started
✓ Common Health Concerns Associated with Animal-Based Diets
✓ Eating Plant-Based at Restaurants - Tips and Advice
✓ Weight Loss Benefit of Plant-Based Diet
✓ Recommended Nutritional Supplements
✓ And so much more!
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Now, you are ready to take the big leap and choose a plant-based diet as a way of taking charge of your life and your health!